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The Birth of Dorothy African Yellow- As Told By The Designer

Intended only to be a 1 of 1, Dorothy in African Yellow quickly became a hit and created a life of its own. I was skeptical of this color before but my wife had very strong views about the combination of mustard yellow with the splash of red and really wanted to create a standout shoe color to wear for our very first runway show.  2018 birthed our limited edition Dorothy African yellow which we launched 2 years later on the brands anniversary. The demand for Dorothy was so high that since then this color was only available as part of our special anniversary editions released in late fall. Although it’s highly loved and a clients favorite it is time for us to...

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Agnes Bethel, A Brand Built On Terms of Endearment

"When shoes become a way to express love and unshakable devotion"- Tanita Gray A few years ago we had the honor of doing our first intimate 1 on 1 interview with an amazing woman who has been in the footwear industry for 20+ years. She has worked as a lead designer for Beyonce's House of Dereon, Naughty Monkey and other top brands. This interview really breaks down the backstory of how and why Agnes Bethel started in the first place. This brand has been brewing since 2008 and neither one of us knew it. Here is an excerpt from the interview below.  Agnes Bethel – Several years ago, I was approached via email by a gentleman who was in need...

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The Story of Origin - As Told By The Designer

Origin - the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. ‘Origin’ was the very first shoe I created over 14 years ago for my wife right after moving from San Diego to Tennessee and 1 year to the day before I had my 2nd heart surgery. I can't explain the feeling I felt when I saw the DHL driver pull up to the front of our house with my creation. Origin started as a bet and turned into a creative outlet for me to take my mind away from all my health issues. I became passionate about designing and all I did everyday was create shoes I wanted to see my wife wear. At the time I never imagined...

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