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Meet the Designer



A Brooklyn native, Stephen Bessent, known to everyone as Justice, is the 3rd of six children. Growing up he had no idea that his journey would lead him into a career as a footwear designer. Watching his mother, Agnes Bethel, sew dresses and coats for others, at a very young age Stephen new his mother had a passion for designing and dreamed of one day owning her own boutique. Fashion was not even on Stephen’s radar it’s something he just stumbled into from a bet with his wife. 
As a child he yearned to become a successful trial lawyer and never even thought about fashion as an option. But then September 11th happened, and it changed his mission from becoming an attorney to now wanting to make a difference and serve his country in the fight against terrorism, so he decided to join the Navy in hopes of becoming a Navy Seal. Unfortunately, that was not his destiny. As a coping mechanism for dealing with the devastation of recovering from multiple heart surgeries, as a result from the anthrax vaccine, Stephen found his creative spark in designing. What started off as a bet in 2008 to design a pair of shoes for his wife, and business partner, Stephen discovered his calling and has been designing women’s footwear ever since.
On November 30, 2016 Stephen launched his debut homage collection. Stephen currently resides in California where he is preparing for his first runway show with Fashion Week San Diego.



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