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Agnes Bethel is a tribute to the core essence of whom my mother is and my dedication to her sacrifices to put her family first.

As a little girl growing up on the small island of Petite Martinique, Grenada, Agnes Bethel had a passion for making clothes. First only designing and sewing fashions for her dolls and close family, overtime friends and locals eventually took notice and almost all of Petite Martinique began to seek out Agnes Bethel to make garments for them as well. The shapes, colors and charms of her artistic and imaginative domain held a tight grip on young Agnes that she became determined to one day make her dreams a reality.

At age 22, Agnes left Grenada for the United States to pursue a fashion career with the hopes of owning her own fashion house. Life had other plans and her passions of becoming a fashion designer quickly shifted and her desire and focus became her family. From time to time Agnes Bethel continued to design and create on a smaller scale never really getting an opportunity to showcase her talent to the world.

Today she is still in love with fashion and continues to be inspired by nature and the human body. Agnes Bethel believes that fashion can be anything and does not have a specific blueprint, guideline or backstory. Fashion for her is a way of life and as long as you are living it to the fullest with class, grace, and style and seeing the beauty in the things around you, you are living in fashion.

Shoes are a definite conversation piece and are the foundation of any outfit. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for women shoes, but it was not until I started designing them about nine years ago, did I realize how strong. It is not the actual shoe itself, but the arch of a woman’s foot and the exaggeration of her posture as her body becomes elevated with the curves of the shoe. I love the immediate boost of confidence and power a woman exudes when she becomes one with the shoe. Fashion is not cookie cutter; it’s creative and since the beginning of time has always been a form of self-expression. We want our customers to feel they can conquer the world without sacrificing their style. 

Who is Agnes Bethel? She is strong. She is confident. She is sophisticated. She is rebellious. She is seductive. She is mysterious. She is sexy. She is relentless in her quest: She is unstoppable.

All of our shoes are made in Italy by skilled artisans using premium materials. Every design has been created for comfort. Agnes Bethel offers uniqueness and exclusivity through limiting our collection to a small offering per style. 

Agnes Bethel - Rebels of Luxury Footwear

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